Garage doors are heavy items, which is why automatic garage doors are so popular.  The torsion springs on your garage door system is what works to significantly help in the lifting and closing of the overhead door.


Mechanical energy is the energy that torsion springs store from the rotating motion created by coiled dense metal. Due to this energy, fixing or changing the torsion spring on your garage door can pose a potentially dangerous situation. It is highly recommended to utilize the services of a professional garage door repair technician if you need garage door spring services.


Torsion springs are mounted in a horizontal position above the opening of the garage door. When the garage door is closed, cables attached to the bottom cause the wind up of the torsion springs.  It is this windup tension that pulls the door up as the torsion spring naturally unwinds creating the energy needed to open the garage door.   


Repeated opening and closing of the garage door will cause weakening of the torsion springs over time.  People generally need to open and close their garage doors at least twice a day if not several times more. As with any hardware device, the steel in the torsion springs can break.  In addition, rust can cause deterioration and compromise the spring. Weather affects the functioning of the springs as well.


The average age of a torsion spring is between five to seven years.  A spring will usually last for 10,000 opening and closings. 


When a torsion spring is wearing out or actually breaks, the garage door can injure a person if it falls.  However, the most likely and common danger occurs when someone tries to fix a tension spring themselves. 


There is an extreme amount of tension from the coil power of the metal in the springs, so repairing or replacing them requires knowledge and know-how.  Special tools are used by professionals that prevent the likelihood of accidents and injury.  If you have a broken torsion spring, call Harry Jr’s Garage Doors, and be assured that it will be repaired quickly and safely!