Avoiding an unexpected problem


As we go through our daily life, many of us take our garage door for granted.  Day in and day out, our garage door opener functions properly.  Then, when we are least expecting it, the moment comes when it unexpectedly stops working.


That’s when we remember how important a working automatic garage door is.  We don’t have to stop, get out of the car and manually lift a heavy door.  Or, we don’t have to lift the garage door when we’re dressed and ready for work before getting in the car.  We don’t have to risk getting our clothing dirty or injuring ourselves.


If your garage door stops working when the door is open, we may have to leave the door open all night long, exposing ourselves and our homes to theft and breakins.


Oftentimes, we forget what a convenience our automatic garage door opener is. It is when our automatic garage door breaks down unexpectedly, that we are reminded what an important part of our lives it is. Of course, none of us want to be stuck in our garage with no way to get our car out.  We don’t want to be late doing any of a number of daily tasks we do regularly.


That’s when we say, “I should have had a maintenance check on this garage door!”


Don’t let it be too late for you.  Call Above & Beyond Garage Door Repair at (562) 480-4995 to have your garage door system checked annually.  All parts including springs, tracks, cables, rollers, wire connections and sensors will be checked for good working condition.  Worn or loose parts can be replaced before they break. Most garage doors have a substantial amount of use on them with lots of wear and tear.


Our professional and experienced garage door technician can spot issues and prevent unexpected breaks and subtantial inconvenience.


Join our maintenance plan so you can be confident that your garage door will always be in great working condition!


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