When your garage door does not operate correctly, check the list below for solutions to common problems.  If you are not able to fix your garage door, call Above and Beyond Garage Door Repair for experienced and reliable professional services.  We serve the Greater Long Beach Area.


1.  The overhead door does not close completely.

Possible resolution: The garage door may be binding when raised and lowered manually, or you may need to adjust the close limit switch.


2. Problem:  The garage door remote fails to do anything when the wall switch in turned on or when you press the garage door remote.

Possible resolution:  Most likely, the power source has been disconnected. Make sure that the motor unit is plugged in, reset the circuit breaker and/or reset the GFCI switch, and if needed, replace the  fuse.


3.  When it touches the floor, the garage door reverses immediately.

Possible resolution:  You may need to adjust the close limit switch.


 4.  The garage door will not open all the way.

Possible resolution:  Try moving move the limit switch closer to the motor unit.


5.  The garage door does not hit the floor before reversing direction.

Possible resolution:  Try adjusting the close limit switch.


6.  The motor continues to run when the garage door finishes opening.

Possible resolution:  Try moving the limit switch away from the motor unit.


7.  The remote control unit fails to do anything.

Possible resolutions:  a.  Check that the motor unit’s antenna is hanging downward. b.  Make sure you are not out of range by moving the remote closer to the garage door.  c.  Check the battery in the remote and make sure it does not need replacing.  d.  The remote control may need to be re-programmed.